Dear Criptex exchange user.

You need the following documents for verification:

  1. Personal Info:
    1. First name
    2. Middle name
    3. Last name
    4. Date of birth
    5. Residential address
    6. Postal code
    7. City (town)
    8. Country/Region
  2. ID verification:
    1. Selection of a country (to verify document ownership)
    2. Selection of a document type: Passport, Identity card, Driver’s license
  3. You need to have document photos made or upload a document scan. It’s also necessary to upload copy scan of your passport cover, photo page, second-last page and registration page, if it’s a passport. Then you should write out by hand “Criptex and current date” on a white sheet and get a selfie with your passport (the front page with your photo) and sheet with writing. Your face, document, and writing must be clearly visible.
  4. Address confirmation. Upload the following documents:
    1. Bank statements (name of the account holder, bank name, country of residence of the bank, bank branch address, account number, SWIFT/BIC code)
    2. bill or cheque concerning utility payments, which include your clearly identified name and residential address
    3. Internet bills, cable TV bills, home phone line bills
    4. Tax returns
    5. Council tax bills
    6. Residence permit. Utility bills have to be received no later than 3 months ago.
  5. Confirmation of a source of your income.Provide information on the source and use of funds:
    1. Choose one or some variants: Salary, savings, inheritance, investments, another source of funds (with a blank field)
    2. Choose your employment status:
      1. Employed.

        Data required:

        1. Occupation
        2. Position
        3. Employer name
        4. Employer country
        5. Employer region/province
        6. Employer city (town)
        7. Employer city (town) district
        8. Employer’s building symbol/number
        9. Employer street name
        10. Employer postal code
      2. Private entrepreneur.

        Data required:

        1. Occupation
        2. enterprise tax payer number
        3. Registered enterprise's country
        4. Registered enterprise region /province
        5. Registered enterprise
        6. Registered enterprise city (town) district
        7. Registered enterprise building symbol/number
        8. Registered enterprise street name
        9. Registered enterprise postal code
      3. Student.

        Data required:

        1. University country
        2. University region/province
        3. University city (town)
        4. University city (town) district
        5. University’s building symbol/number
        6. University street name
        7. University postal code
        8. Department
      4. Not employed
      5. Retired
  6. Net asset value in US dollars
  7. Expectational level of investment

Verification of data lasts not less than 30 days.

Documents will be manually checked with caution by our specialists. You will be sent a notification after your successful verification and you get opportunity to deposit and withdraw dollar to the Criptex exchange.

Please note:
  1. All the documents should be in Latin script or in the form of a certified translation in English. With this, there must be also original documents.
  2. All uploaded files shall be in PDF, PNG, JPG.